Private Coaching


Virtual Phone Coaching Session


This 45-minute Virtual Phone Coaching Session is specifically designed for the individual who is ready to address an urgent challenge or pressing issue.  This coaching session will give you an opportunity to receive a non-judgmental attentive ear and honest feedback. We will also explore your ongoing coaching needs.

What is included?

  • One  (1) – 45 Minute Virtual Phone Coaching Session

*All NEW clients must start with this session before purchasing the Signature Coaching Package.  

“Keep going. You can do it!”
Signature Coaching Package


The Signature Coaching Package is best suited for individuals that are stuck and ready to move forward. This package includes mentoring, training and practical steps on how to cope and manage significant life transitions so that you can move forward in your life’s purpose. Together we will pinpoint and confront obstacles and thought processes that have hindered your forward progression, so you can re-establish your sense of direction and plans for the future. 

What is included?

  • Four (4) – 45 Minute Virtual  Phone Coaching Sessions.
  • Four (4) – Emails between sessions to answer questions and provide additional support.
  • Discounted add-on sessions.